Russell Almond

Can not recommend this shop enough. Started with the engagement ring. Than when looking for bands I took my wife to be in. She loved the place and the people. George made sure we got what we wanted. Not what a shop wants to sell you. Since then I got a pendant necklace made up for an extra wedding day gift for my wife. Made from 1 of the diamonds from my greandmothers engagement ring. Than another for my daughters 18th. And the best is yet to be mentioned. I had a very large weight fall on my hand a couple of weeks ago. Crushing my wedding ring. I wish I could post the photos. A 7mm ring saved my finger(s). Crushed to half the size. Did I go A&E? Not when I was closer to this shop. George cut it off for me. Just been to see him. I can’t believe he has saved it for me. Looking like new. 10 out of 10.